Jessica Johnson

Software Developer

I have been a full stack software developer for the last 9 years after graduating with a degree in Computer Science and Physics from UBC.

I have a passion for developing easy to use products with great UI design and a seamless user experience. I code with error in mind to reduce user friction and avoid bugs as much as possible. I care about extensive testing and using all tools available to mitigate risks in the development process. I love learning and keeping up to date with emerging technologies and processes through books, online learning, conferences, podcasts and tech communities.

B.Sc. Combined Computer Science and Physics


Front End Developer

August 2020 - Current

Front End Developer working with React, Typescript, and Redux building out the web portal of our product. I also handle all DevOps for the team and am the team lead.

Full Stack Developer

February 2019 - August 2019

Full Stack Developer working with React and Typescript until I was moved onto the backend Go team to work on the billing system.


Front End Developer

February 2018 - February 2019

Frontend developer working with Typescript and React. I worked on the social sharing platform. 

Full Stack Developer

May 2016 - August 2017

Backend developer working with Javascript and Node to support an influencer app. I worked on the billing system, account creation and login, user display data and the functionality of viewing and booking influencers.
I also built the marketing website and a customer support tool to manage user data and connections.


Full Stack Developer

August 2013 - April 2016

Full stack developer working with Javascript and PHP. I worked on various parts of the product including the login system which can be seen to this day at For the last two years of my time there I built up a 2 week prototype into a fully functioning advertising tool integrating with Facebook and Twitter ads.


August 2014 - April 2017

I have taught part time intro to programming courses in Ruby and Javascript, mentored at full time bootcamps, and lead HTML150 in Montreal. HTML150 was a single day intro to HTML and CSS workshop with 150 students in attendance.

Personal Projects


I run and maintain a few websites which I’ve built. I have a few more in the works and I am always happy to take on new clients.

Need a website? Contact me to get one built!

I run a website for the local theatre group in my hometown of Camrose, Alberta.  I volunteer this work as I love theatre and have been a part of their productions. This was built with Astra and Elementor on WordPress to offer an easy CMS.

My sister owns a gym in Calgary, Alberta. I maintain her website which I built with Astra and Beaver Builder on WordPress to offer an easy to update CMS.

My sister is getting married! I built them a wedding website to share all necessary information with invited guests.


I love to travel and try new experiences as often as I can. I have also lived across Canada from Victoria, BC to Montreal, Quebec.

In Montreal, a coworker and I led an intro to HTML & CSS single day workshop for 150 attendees hosted by Lighthouse Labs. It was an amazing opportunity to work on my public speaking skills!

I grew up with a fantastic range of animals including an alpaca, a horse, dogs, cats, a guinea pig, and fish. My love for animals continued into adulthood and I have fostered many cats and kittens over the years. Eventually I couldn’t say goodbye to them anymore and adopted three cats of my own: Ava, Bella and Luna.

<quote> Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right. </quote>

I have loved theatre and acting for as long as I can remember. I am a full union ACTRA member and have had the pleasure of working in movies, TV shows and commercials. Through university I worked as an extra in Vancouver and was on the set of Twilight, Supernatural and countless other productions. Now I enjoy community theatre when I have time and I run my hometown’s local theatre group website.

I come from a very active family; my sister owns a gym and my mom has run multiple ultra marathons. I explore exercise through circus – especially aerial silks, aerial hoop and pole.


Reading is an important hobby of mine and here are a select few books that have stood out to me. I enjoy continuously learning and I take Coursera courses when I have the time.

The Programmer’s Oath

by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

In order to defend and preserve the honor of the profession of computer programmers,

I Promise that, to the best of my ability and judgement:

  1. I will not produce harmful code.
  2. The code that I produce will always be my best work. I will not knowingly allow code that is defective either in behavior or structure to accumulate.
  3. I will produce, with each release, a quick, sure, and repeatable proof that every element of the code works as it should.
  4. I will make frequent, small, releases so that I do not impede the progress of others.
  5. I will fearlessly and relentlessly improve my creations at every opportunity. I will never degrade them.
  6. I will do all that I can to keep the productivity of myself, and others, as high as possible. I will do nothing that decreases that productivity.
  7. I will continuously ensure that others can cover for me, and that I can cover for them.
  8. I will produce estimates that are honest both in magnitude and precision. I will not make promises without certainty.
  9. I will never stop learning and improving my craft.
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